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Any urgent permits you need,

we are ready to help you

at any time!



was founded in 2000 by Mr.Y W KIM, an enthusiast in aviation in order to create a global network of G/H that provides exceptional services and services not currently provided by any other company.
With experience in Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) Korea

and Korean Airlines for over 35 years.

We are a premier service provider who can provide comprehensive

ground handling(RKSI, RKSS, RKPC, RKPK...) including obtaining landing & over flight permits. 

Especially, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors

with a lot of experiences in aviation field as a ATC controller, Flight dispatcher, Airport Customer Service Manager.

If you are planning to operate business, private, EMS,  government official flights into any airport in South Korea,

We are ready to fulfill your requirement.

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